Oz Info specialises in a number of key market research and fieldwork services including; Telephone Interviewing, Data Entry, Face-to-Face Interviewing, Focus Groups, Online Surveys, Product Testing and Sampling. We're a flexible company that works directly with our business clientele and also in partnership with other market research companies who require us to facilitate interviewing and data processing on their behalf.

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Our Services

Telephone Interviewing

Our experienced telephone interviewers have the ability to collect and organise vital market research data from customers.

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Face-to-Face Interviewing

Oz Info delivers face-to-face interviewing in all major cities and remote locations within Australia, using a well-established network.

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Data Entry

Our data entry services are prompt, cost-effective and completed in-house, so your valuable information is kept confidential.

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Data Processing

Our data processing team provide prompt, reliable and cost-effective solutions, using our very own OZ Quest software.

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Market Research

Oz Info provides the ability to target your audience and capture valuable insights about your brand, product and customer service.

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Focus Groups

Our focus groups comprise of a carefully selected group of individuals who provide valuable feedback and opinions about products and brands.

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Online Surveys

Online surveys are excellent for capturing insights from large audiences. Oz Info has the ability to both create and distribute online surveys.

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Product Testing

Oz Info has the ability to organise on-demand product testers, to provide valuable feedback on both consumable and non-consumable products.

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Our team can provide sample for telephone and online surveys within Australia. Samples can be randomly generated, or filtered by demographics to capture the best target audience.

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