Our core team is comprised of diverse, highly skilled and long serving staff members who have been Oz Info for many years. This core team has developed a number of key processes that ensure all services by Oz Info are completed at the highest standard. As well as our core team, Oz Info has a well established and ever growing network of testers, interviewers, panelists, focus groups and fieldworkers, which is key to our ability to work in all states within Australia.

Meet the Team

Robyn Graham

CEO & Data Analyst

Robyn is Oz Info's CEO, research manager and a data analyst. She holds a Bachelor of Science and Double major in Psychology & Social Research Methods and has been apart of the Oz Info team since 1995.

Rosie Briscoe

Field Manager

Rosie has worked extensively within the market research industry for over 30 years both in business and working with companies, and is currently Oz Info's National Field Manager. Rosie is also full member of the AMSRS.

Darren Mack

Data Analyst

Darren is Oz Info's very own web survey specialist and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mathematics. He currently works as an analyst for Oz Info and is fully conversant with the Oz Quest system.

Dr. Kwee Phua

Statistical & Systems Manager

Kwee holds a PhD from Monash University, specialising in database management and statistical analysis. He has an excellent understanding of programming, statistical analysis and systems.

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