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OZPRO™ for WINDOWS™ is a complete questionnaire analysis package designed to handle the output from the OZQUEST™ questionnaire data collection system. The package is designed to run under WINDOWS 3.0™ or higher.

OZPRO™ takes the data and any coded data and merges them together and imports this merged data together with the associated script that was used for the data capture. Once inside the package the user has the ability to completely manipulate this data into tables together with associated graphics and statistical output. The system is extremely “user friendly” and has the added capability of exporting data seamlessly into other systems.

Being a WINDOWS™ package there is excellent control of output printing with full font control and layout.

OZPRO™ is designed to run stand-alone making it a valuable tool for the market researcher as he is now no longer dependent on the “programmer” to analyse or set-up his additional table requirements, or to produce a series of tables requiring complex filtering.

OZPRO™ also has the ability to be the script generator for a questionnaire, that when output , can be sent direct to CATI or the Internet, and also produce a “hard-copy” questionnaire for “face to face” interviewing.

The total OZQUEST™ system makes the most “user friendly”, comprehensive and best integrated system on the market today.