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The OZQUEST™ system is a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) package designed and written by Oz Info Pty. Ltd. for the collection of research data used by market research companies in Australia and overseas.


The system is designed to simply write the questionnaire in a word processor,  yet powerful enough to handle the most complex and sophisticated survey formats.

This system can interface with other processing packages such as QUANTIME, SPSS, SURVEYCRAFT, EXCEL or ESPRIT and is adaptable to other packages. This is possible as the output data is stored in an ASCII format making it extremely easy to export to other systems.

OZQUEST™ also has its own Telephone Number Management System (TNMS) for the complete control of the telephone numbers, callbacks, interviewer statistics as well as a sophisticated quota control.

Another important feature of OZQUEST™ is that it is not limited to a PC based network system. OZQUEST™ can run on any PC based network either under a Windows, DOS environment or a UNIX environment. OZQUEST™ can also run on Mini or Mainframe computers.


Some of the main features are:

  • The system is totally written in the “C” language making it very portable
  • The survey can be written in any word processing system or text editor
  • The script is compiled prior to processing
  • The syntax rules are extremely simple yet powerful and are written in a manner that a researcher understands.
  • The system currently supports five (5) hierarchical levels of data collection
  • OZQUEST handles very complicated skip and 
loop structures.
  • Filters are a very important part of the system as is the way that they are so easily specified.
  • Matrixes and grids are also easily specified.
  • Arithmetic and conversion facilities are easily handled, yet enabling complex arithmetic calculations within the interviewing process.
  • Ability to display anything on screen in the way you wish it to be displayed.
  • Sounds can also be incorporated into the script for replay over the phone.
  • The ability to display data out of another database being used for the TNMS system. This could include picking up the name and previous information from an earlier survey to be displayed or compared against during a tracking study or similar survey.
  • The dynamic display of statistical information during the interviewing sessions showing, quota position and interviewing statistics.
  • The ability to “tailor” your own report comments, such as reasons for refusal, engaged or bad numbers etc.
  • The OZQUEST TNMS system handles all interrupts to the interview including suspension of interview during the survey and allowing it be rescheduled at 
another time.
  • Appointments are easily handled and scheduled.
  • As OZQUEST creates all its files in ASCII format you can easily create other reports that you may require or we can create them for you.
  • Internet and e-mail surveys are fully supported.